La nostra storia lunga tre generazioniDa sempre a S.Agata sui due Golfi

Our history

The Butcher Shop “Due Golfi” was established in the 90s, although the people working there have been in the retail meat business since 1960.

It is indeed in 1960 that a brave young man named Mario Apuzzo moves from his home country (Moiano, a fraction of Vico Equense) to begin working as a butcher's apprentice in St. Agatha, a job he's held until 1965.

It's in 1965 that after marrying a sweet girl called Immacolata Persico (he first met her at the workplace), the two decide together to open their own shop in Torca, a small fraction of Massa Lubrense.


From 1965 to 1967 Mario and Immacolata consolidate their clientele and not only (in the meantime, their first two daughters were born,  they'll end up with seven kids, two males and five females).

In 1967, the couple takes the opportunity to move their business to St. Agatha and with great sacrifices they buy a warehouse and start a new adventure together.  A legacy carried on since the 90s by their son Vincenzo, the only one  to follow in his father's footsteps, that named the business  Butcher Shop Due Golfi Snc .

Today, the adventure has turned into a solid St. Agatha reality, a reality based on  trust between the customer and the dealer.  A tradition that has been handed down from generation to generation: many of our current customers are children or grandchildren of our very first clients.

Of course, this results have been achieved thanks to the passion and commitment that Mario and his family have put into their work and in the quality of their meat. In fact Mario, or Don Mario as he's best known, has always put honesty and the quality of the product ahead of everything else. The same values ??that have been handed down to his son who is now responsible for carrying on the wonderful job started by his Dad!